Keymaps issue after upgrade to Xorg 1.8

After upgrading my beloved archlinux box I was wondering why my Swiss German keymap was only working before having started Openbox.

It turned out that I had upgraded X to Xorg 1.8, which no longer depends on HAL, thus rendering my keymap settings in /etc/hal/fdi/policy/10-keymap.fdi obsolete.

I suggest you set it directly in the Xorg config files. A guide can be found here.

Since Xorg 1.8 doesn’t require hal to be running, it is not all too far-fetched to suggest that you could remove HAL from your DAEMONS array of rc.conf
However, be cautious, other programs (than X) might still be using HAL. For example pcmanfm, thunar, vlc (especially the automount function). Check:

pacman -Qi hal | grep Required

If this command returns an empty list, you might be safe to remove HAL from DAEMONS.

If you remove HAL, make sure that dbus is in the DAEMONS array though! HAL used to run dbus when being fired up, so this has to be taken into account.

Nevertheless, it might be best to leave HAL in DAEMONS if you encounter problems. Plugged in devices like printers and cameras might not work anymore. And there can be issues regarding the keymap settings, since evdev relies on HAL.

evdev recognises your keyboard, screen, etc. When it’s missing, you might need to setup an xorg.conf file, where the devices are specified manually. In addition to that, you might need to install device drivers (e.g. keyboard, mice, …).

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