Linksys WRT54G: alternative firmware solves power loss issue

For a long time, I wanted to have my electronic devices connected to a power strip with a surge protector attached to it. A central switch at my desk would allow me to cut off all standby power over night. It would also offer overload protection for all connected devices as a welcome side effect.

When actually having installed the above setup, I noticed that every time my Linksys WRT54G v2.2 had experienced a power loss, the mobile devices did connect to the router. However, there was no data traffic getting across the WLAN, which required me to reset the device to factory defaults.

After having installed the Linux based firmware tomato, the problem had disappeared!
Installation is easy as can be, you just flash a firmware file via the regular Linksys interface (which is vastly inferior to tomato’s neat Ajax approach).

Should you ever want to revert to the original firmware, you simply select a Linksys file and upload it.

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