5 Steps: ThinkPad fingerprint reader on Archlinux

1. Determine what kind of fingerprint reader you have

 ~$ lsusb

On my T400, I read: AuthenTec, Inc. AES2810

2. Determine suitable software

Go to Thinkwiki. You’ll find a list which software (thinkfinger, fprintd) works with your hardware.
The AES2810 in my T400 is said to be unsupported.

3. Try Thinkfinger

I still try it. Thinkfinger doesn’t recognize the reader, indeed.
It keeps complaining:

 Initializing...USB device not found.

4. Try fprintd

I am more lucky with fprintd.
Install fprintd. The official wiki is outdated and doesn’t do the job for me!

        •  Install the following packages:
          ~$ pacman -S pam fprintd
        • The wiki suggests installing the following packages as dependencies. I already had them installed, so I cannot tell if they are really needed.
           ~$ pacman -S libusb imagemagick

5. Configuration

The Configuration section of the Arch wiki works fine, except from the “Create fingerprint signature”.

          1. Permissions according to wiki
          2. Login Configuration according to wiki
          3. Create Fingerprint Signature
            Add a user and save fingerprint:

             ~$ fprintd-enroll [username]

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