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Create a poster with pdfposter

Creating a poster of a large format pdf input file split into smaller output files with overlap.


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Convert IMG image to ISO on Linux

Unfortunately, IMG images cannot be burnt directly, so we convert them to ISO. There is a nice tool called ccd2iso to accomplish this task. $ ccd2iso <IMG input file> <ISO output file> Sometimes the above attempt results in an error message, such as Unrecognized sector mode (0) at sector 0! When viewing the img file …

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Burn video DVD from VOB files

If you start out with a set of VOB files, you need to place them into a folder named VIDEO_TS Then, you are ready to create an image file (ISO) $ mkisofs –dvd-video -o <ISO output-file>  <input-root-directory> whereby   <input-root-directory>  is the path containing the VIDEO_TS directory. Burning would be the next step $ growisofs …

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Mount CD/DVD Image file as virtual drive

Being able to mount a CD/DVD image file is useful in many circumstances, be it to check an image’s functionality before burning or to install software without having to waste a disk. Create a mountpoint. I often place it in /tmp for testing purposes. The mountpoint-directory will be the root directory of your image file. …

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